Imagination Skills

We all have heard of the power of imagination but who ever showed us how to tap it?

Edison would make sure to slowly drift off to sleep when napping so he could catch ideas

Psychologist Carl Jung helped himself and his patients conquer all manner of issues

Dali, like Edison, got his surreal inspirations from coasting between waking and sleeping

Lindsey Vonn, alpine ski racer, gold medalist deeply visualizes every twist and turn her body will take hundreds of times before a competition.

All of these people (and more creative, wise, insightful, etc.) people are, what I call, armchair dreamers.

What’s that?  Why an armchair?  Each of the people above knew how to tap the unconscious and our ability to visualize, imagine, and dream and did something with that.  I mention armchair because, it is the place where a heck of a lot of — thinking, planning, introspection, napping, and dreaming happens. Meditation has it’s cushions and yoga has it’s mats.  Visualization, imagination, and dream decoding relies upon the comfortable place where we sit when we practice these skills.

With visualization, imagination, and dreaming, we can…

-receive insights
-mind travel to the beach or if we are spiritually-minded go to wonderful places and experience wonderful things
-redefine how we experience illness and pain
-rehearse new skills, to get closer to peak performance
-relax deeply
-energize sharply
-resolve inner conflicts
-find what we need to let go of the past
-discover what we must do to prepare for the future

-and much more

Our imagination is tremendously powerful, deep and broad in its effect.

I know that listening and working with our imagination is something we all can learn (hey, if I can learn it, anyone can).

Want to learn about imagination? Want to experience imagination?